BattleTime 1

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BattleTime1 will make you a conqueror!

  • BattleTime 1 feature

    Join the battle!

    Capture enemy castles and raise the strength of your army!

  • BattleTime 1 feature

    Plenty of maps!

    Each of them presents a unique tactical objective!

  • BattleTime 1 feature

    Magic, Skills, Artefacts!

    Use anything you can to make your army stronger!

  • BattleTime 1 feature

    Fight and win!

    It will help you conquer the land faster!

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The game is controlled in a simple and obvious way
The gameplay is dynamic and run by your intuition!

Build your ultimate army!
Fight massive battles!
Lead your clan to the victory!

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Details and information

  • iOS: 9.0+

  • Android: 5.0+

  • Windows: XP+

  • macOS: Mavericks v10.9+

  • SteamOS & Linux: Kernel 3.0+

  • Category: Game
  • Genre:
    • Strategy
    • Action
  • Age Rating: 6+
  • Seller: Foggybus Ltd.
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