BattleTime 2

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BattleTime2 will give you much more!

  • BattleTime 2 feature

    Choose one of the factions!

    The Barbarians, Assassins, Druids and Necromancers are locked in a deadly struggle!

  • BattleTime 2 feature

    Unlock special skills!

    24 magic and alchemy skills will help you turn the tide of battle!

  • BattleTime 2 feature

    Use various types of units!

    You'll need to develop all three stats to advance!

  • BattleTime 2 feature

    Increase the stats of your units and buildings!

    Armor, strength, and speed are the keys to defeating a wily foe!

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Download BattleTime2 right now! Choose your faction! Defeat bosses! Unlock new skills! And all with improved graphics!

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Details and information

  • iOS: 9.0+

  • Android: 5.0+

  • Category: Games
  • Genre:
    • Strategy
    • Action
  • Age Rating: 6+
  • Seller: Foggybus Ltd.
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